Name: Lenny

Age: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown

Height: Varies as he stretches

Weight: Depends on what he's eaten!

Lenny loves nothing more than hiding in garden centres and surprising old ladies by chasing them around with a chainsaw when he pops out of the flower bed. (Who said garden centres were boring?)


He is constantly hyper and unpredictable and swallows practically anything he can fit into his elasticated mouth. The snooker balls on Afro Goblin's snooker table are his favourite snack (which Afro Goblin has to keep replacing!)

He likes the purple ball best because "it's blackcurrant flavour, yummy!" but is not so keen on the number 5 ball: "Bleh! Orange flavour!"

Two crazy backup weeds are supplied with every Afro Goblin and Lenny is one of a pair.

Afro Goblin keeps him locked in the boot of his car incase he comes in handy on a mission, but Lenny often breaks out and runs amok...

Likes: Eating things whole


            E - Numbers



DislikeS: Orange flavour snooker balls